23rd August 2016

Last few days have seen a few tough decisions being made, one being the decision to wind up my business and try to sell the stock via eBay or other places. The other decision is not to appeal my transfer to PIP from DLA decision whereby they decided I didn’t qualify so I will wait a few months once I’ve healed properly from my knee surgery then reapply again. This second decision sees me without an income of my own but because my partner works I can’t claim any benefits; my partner has agreed that I will just become a housewife until I am in a position to go out to work again. I have two teenagers still living at home and to be quite honest looking after them and my partner is a full time job anyway!

My crafts will keep me from going loopy and this weekend I managed to get the backstitch finished on the stocking and started another one. Each one is only a maximum of 42 x 45 on each chart so don’t take long to do once I get the chance to sit and stitch. I’ve also got a knitting project on the go, I’ve finally managed to finish my first pair of socks and now I’m onto my second pair; the socks get knitted at night time as I can’t see to stitch properly after about 8:30pm at the moment. 

Stocking finished with backstitch 

Progress so far on the next stocking, think this is supposed to be two turtle doves but not 100% sure.

Finished socks, they are so comfy. The pattern is from a booklet bought from Lidl along with the yarn as a sock kit.

Start of second pair of socks. Had the yarn for a while as it looked pretty but didn’t know what to do with it.


Culinary delights from the mini chef …

On a Wednesday Becca takes over the kitchen and makes some gorgeous tasting items; this week we have decided on basic staples of bread and scones. We have been making our own bread for a few years now so today is seeing how well she remembers the recipe and how much she can do independently. I have found that Becca is more than capable of the recipe and only needed to check the quantities of hot and cold water to make the tepid water required; due to making this recipe many times it was followed from memory and multiple skills were displayed. These skills were the correct measuring of flour, salt, sugar and water (the yeast is a single sachet), co-ordination skills of mixing the ingredients in the correct order so as not to damage the yeast by exposing it directly to the salt. Then dexterity skills were displayed by kneading the dough with her hands, whilst showing she can multi-task as she was watching Holby City on the iplayer at the same time!

We made scones using this recipe but unfortunately we forgot to take any photos. What we can tell you is that they were very tasty and we all enjoyed them very much; it was also decided that we would make them again in the near future.

Exploring textiles ….

Yesterday, my daughter and myself furthered our journey into the world of home educating. We have been doing this since mid November but we’ve now decided to really get stuck in and tackle life while we learn.

Becca was doing GCSE textiles when she was in school and when we made the decision to home educate this was a topic she wanted to continue with, especially as fabric and textiles are around at home with my line of work. So far, we have planned the kind of projects she would like to work on; some of these being beanbags, clothes, teddy bears and bedding. We found some gorgeous fabric with cats on for our small beanbag that Becca hopes will double up as a cat bed for our 3 kitties.

We discussed the type of construction she can use to make the beanbag; mainly whether it will be a flat bag or a box style, we decided to go for a flat style using French seams and using a zip closure so that we may wash the cover in the future. 

New beginnings

I’ve finally decided to get around to running a blog to go alongside my facebook page for my small creative ventureĀ Creative Stitches by Heather.

I’ve been working as a WAHM the end of May 2015 after many years of handcrafting for pleasure and being requested for items by friends who have always been pleased with my finished items. I can turn my hand to knitting, crochet, cross-stitching, hand and machine sewing as well as memory wire bracelets. By working from home I can work around my two children that live at home still, especially as one is now home educated due to her special needs.

I have done well so far for a new business just starting up, word is starting to spread about my items. I’ve even been brave and sold items at craft fayres within my local vicinity of Northamptonshire. I’m starting to design my own cross-stitch patterns which for the time being will only be sold completed to order due to the time they take to finish; I currently have two designs, one for a family tree and the other a baby sampler. I’ve been designing my own blankets which are available on my facebook page linked above; these can be made to order in any colour palette or sizes that suits your needs.

Please follow me in my adventures as a home crafting, home educating mum.


Love Heather xx

A recent craft fayre I attended